Answer for 9.24.2008's UMQotD!

Well since there are more votes for movies that are not right then there are for the correct movie... I'm gonna call this one a loss on your end kids... Yesterday's UMQotD was from Falling Down(IMDb)(IHM)(Rotten). An unemployed defense worker frustrated with all of the flaws he sees in society, begins to psychotically and violently lash out against them. Basically this movie is about what everyone would like to do in LA if they knew they wouldn't get in trouble. Directed by Joel Schumacher(IMDb) and starring: Michael Douglas(IMDb), Robert Duvall(IMDb), Frederic Forrest(IMDb) and Raymond J. Barry(IMDb). And your eyecandy Barbara Hershey(IMDb), Tuesday Weld(IMDb) and Rachel Ticotin(IMDb).

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