Answer for 9.25.2008's UMQotD!

Titty Titty Gang Bang... Hahah... I made that one up... I should get a job naming porn movies! Anyways the one and only person that voted for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang(IMDb)(IHM)(Rotten) was right... It sounds like such a bad line coming from a kids movie... But hey that's how it rolls. A crazy inventor invents a flying car, which drives by itself. It takes him and his family to Vulgaria, where the sinister buffoon Baron Bomburst kidnaps the car. The baron has made children illegal, and our inventor has to try and rescue the children of Vulgaria. Directed by Ken Hughes(IMDb) and starring: Dick Van Dyke(IMDb), Lionel Jeffries(IMDb), Gert Fröbe(IMDb) and Benny Hill(IMDb). And your eyecandy Sally Ann Howes(IMDb) and Anna Quayle(IMDb).

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